TrueColor S03 Individual (Original Formula) L


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For your clients to achieve the most beautiful brows in the world, every single day, we have created a world first – TrueColor and Element power combo, to be applied with the world’s first precision brow brush.

This powerful trio has changed the faces of women, internationally.

Using cutting-edge technology and clean ingredients TrueColor is the only brow product that is both versatile, has powerful longevity and offers the most stunning results instantly for any brow.

No hard rubbing on the face of the client. Just a gentle application on both brow hair and skin offers the client fuller more natural brows instantly.

The versatility of TrueColor in its three unique colours allows for bold, natural, fuller brows. Your client’s desires are easy to create.

Combined with Element no additional touch ups are required all day long. This powerful duo covers PMU or any other form of tattooing such as microblading and powder brow discoloration extremely well. Giving back your client her confidence and dignity.

Discover the truth about Talc and be sure to share with your clients.

In this video, Elle Wilson explains the truth about Talc in TrueColor:

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