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Watch The Replay!

Last October 19, Elle Wilson worked her magic on 3 different brow shapes for 3 and a half hours straight in the Advanced Precision TrueBrow™ Trimming Techniques Masterclass. For those unable to watch it live, you can now watch the replay on-demand.

Discover Elle’s top secret tips and tricks to perfect trimming in HD quality live video from the comfort of your own home today!

What You’ll Learn

  • How to create a TrueBrow™ Design using trimming as the foundation
  • How positioning can be your ally or enemy when trimming
  • How to remove density without creating unsightly holes in the brow
  • Types of trimming scissors to avoid and which ones you should use
  • How to transform a brow just one session of trimming
  • Tips to boost your confidence when trimming to maintain your clarity

This is a not-to-be-missed class!

The perfect trim is 90% of your TrueBrow™ Design. It's too important not to get right. Get the replay today so you can trim with confidence, increase your time efficiency and your brow prices!

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What You’ll Get

  • You will gain confidence with precision trimming on a range of different brows.
  • Your brow work will never be left looking unfinished or messy.
  • You will be able to make quick, on-the-spot decisions while trimming.
  • You will increase your time efficiency, especially with maintenance appointments.
  • Your clients will never need to brush their brows into place each day which means happier, more loyal customers.
  • You will discover the best scissors to use for trimming and when to replace your old ones
  • You will learn the proper position to maintain stability when trimming so your body and hand doesn’t shake.

See what current students are saying about the TrueBrow™ Masterclass Series

“When a student perfects trimming, she’s able to let go of her fears because it all finally clicks into place and TrueBrow™ becomes a reality.”

Advanced Trimming Masterclass Replay


original price: $650

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Pay half