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You Missed it!

Last September 14, Elle Wilson worked her brow magic in the first ever TrueBrow™ Live Streamed Masterclass. For 5 hours straight, Elle demonstrated her latest techniques in Advanced Transformation & Restoration as well as The Perfect Male Brow Design. However, we understand some of you were busy that day, and that’s why we’re making the Masterclass available online for you to watch.

What You’ll Learn

Model 1: Advanced Transformation and Restoration

  • Vision - Creating and Applying it
  • Taking photos
  • Lighting positioning
  • Positioning for each step
  • How to decide on the potential of the brow
  • 2 different options: thicker or thinner?
  • Working with the workflow
  • Using TrueColor™ to guide you
  • Step-by-step demo
  • Advanced Tinting: application to transform
  • Advanced Tinting: deciding on processing time
  • Tint Removal: removal of even the toughest skin stains
  • Creation of the perfect upper definition line, lower definition line
  • Linkage
  • The easiest way to level any brow
  • Making those tough decisions
  • Trimming made easy
  • Removing density
  • The final touch

Model 2: The Perfect Male Brow Design

  • Not for the highly manicured male brow



(original price: $749)

See what current students are saying about the TrueBrow™ Masterclass Series

“A-ha moments galore!”

Tess Rodriguez


Sarah Anne Thiessen

“Clear, thorough and engaging.”

KC Demarest


Naomi Volke

“Educational and so much fun!” 

Lucie Ceresnova Clinch

“Do it again! Worth every penny.”

Michelle Bouse

“Drool-worthy trimming!”

Hayley Green

“In-person masterclasses are amazing but with live streamed masterclasses, you get the best view in the house!” 

Stacy Allende

“Well structured and engaging.” 

Nguyet McFetridge

“Invaluable, inspirational, informative.” 

Naomi Volke

“Surprisingly intimate.”

Sabrina Ehlis

“So motivating! Now more than ever I’m happy to be with TrueBrow™”

Renee Minniecon

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What Do You Get?

  • Watch in HD quality video from the comfort of your own home as Elle weaves her magic, hair-by-hair, so you don’t miss a single detail.
  • You will understand Elle’s thought process in making the first step confidently with each brow and how you can apply the same methods in your own brow work
  • You will see how Elle moves around the massage bed and which positions to work from so you never overarch a brow or angle it too harshly.
  • You will be able to relax and fully absorb Elle’s demo without having the pressure or distraction of taking care of your own model or focusing on your own work or other students.