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The TrueBrow™ Online Advanced Brow Design & Restoration Course

Do you wish there was a solution to help correct your client’s sparse, damaged brows? Look no further than the TrueBrow™ Online Advanced Brow Design & Restoration Course.

Developed and perfected by our dedicated research and development team, the training is designed to give you the knowledge and artistry on how to give back your clients the full brows they have always dreamed of.

Combining world-class design principles and cutting-edge techniques, the course allows you to incorporate what you learned in the TrueBrow™ Online Brow Design Course with even more up-to-date knowledge so you can transform even the most challenging brow problems.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to quickly and accurately assess the brow
  • The best lighting techniques
  • How to properly position your body while working
  • The anatomy of the brow and what you need to know about each part
  • How to utilize linkage when brows are sparse
  • Mistakes to avoid when working with thin brows
  • How to service clients with slow or fast hair growth cycles
  • Advanced trimming and tinting techniques
  • How to remove roundness from a brow
  • How to correct the 90’s hook brow
  • How to support clients with tattooed, scarred brows

See what current students are saying about the TrueBrow™ Design Course

“TrueBrow™ not only gave me the skills I needed but also a mentor for life with

Bianca Baker

Bianca Jade Brow Artistry & Beauty

“Business is booming and I never paid a cent for marketing."

Rachael Mezzatesta

Once Upon A Brow

"On a regular basis, I’m servicing over 100 clients every 2 weeks.”

Olivia Depis

The Natural Brow

3 ways you can pay for this item

  • 1⃣ Single Stand Alone Purchase

  • 2⃣ part of technique Package

  • 3⃣ Part of Buisness Package

Single Person


Salon With Team


for up to 3 team members for 12 month

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